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ankle weight

Rs.450.00 Rs.300.00

Arm Chest Exerciser

Rs.11,000.00 Rs.8,000.00

Balance Board

Rs.2,800.00 Rs.2,200.00


Rs.5,500.00 Rs.4,200.00
Out of stock-25%

Bolster Foam Roller

Rs.4,000.00 Rs.3,000.00
Out of stock-22%

Bolster standard size

Rs.4,500.00 Rs.3,500.00

Corner Chair

Rs.6,500.00 Rs.5,500.00

CP Walker

Rs.4,500.00 Rs.3,200.00

Cuff Rehabilitation

Rs.400.00 Rs.280.00

Dumbbell Set

Rs.1,999.00 Rs.1,599.00

Electric Mini Byke

Rs.12,000.00 Rs.8,500.00

Folding Parallel Bars

Rs.21,000.00 Rs.16,000.00

Gel Ball

Rs.280.00 Rs.220.00

Goneometer set

Rs.950.00 Rs.750.00

Gripper Exercise

Rs.650.00 Rs.450.00

Gym Ball

Rs.1,400.00 Rs.1,000.00

Hand Exercise Table

Rs.10,500.00 Rs.8,500.00

Hand Gym Kit Board

Rs.3,500.00 Rs.2,400.00

Heel Exerciser

Rs.1,800.00 Rs.1,400.00

Inversion Table

Rs.21,500.00 Rs.16,000.00

Smarter way to Relieve Back Pain with Inversion table

Why Inversion therapy ?

Inversion therapy involves being upside down or at an inverted angle using Inversion table to give you therapeutic benefits, especially relieves back pain & Sciatica etc. Life Wave inversion tables and inversion therapy has been proved to be extremely helpful in relieving back pain by treating the root cause in a completely natural way.


Inversion Table

Rs.21,500.00 Rs.16,500.00

Ladder Barrel

Rs.18,000.00 Rs.14,000.00

Ladder Pad

Rs.1,500.00 Rs.1,100.00

Medicine ball

Rs.1,000.00 Rs.650.00