Computerized Interferential Therapy Equipment

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Digimed is advanced Interferential therapy equipment in the field of electrotherapy. In the development of the unit simplicity of operation and functionality were the principal consideration. All the available types of current and therapy are clearly displayed on a large LCD screen. The corresponding parameters are easily set with five soft touch keys. Pre-programmed memory with treatment applications offers protocols for more than 35 frequently occurring indications. And users can store their settings in user memory locations and easily recall their programme for their patients.

Operation Mode : Electrical
Usage : Clinical, Hospital, Personal

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  • International standards and specifications
  • 35 pre-programme condition wise with products
  • Cable and electrodes checking mode
  • User settable memory
  • Light weight and compact design
  • Easy to operate
  • Future upgrade without change in hardware
  • Digital based circuitry outputs are in 100 % accuracy
  • Large graphic LCD display
  • Built in re-chargeable battery (optional)
  • Universal input voltage 90 – 270 Volt AC 50 or 60 Hz


  • Carrier frequency 2000 Hz/4000 Hz
  • Base frequency 0-150 Hz ( 1 Hz step )
  • Sweep frequency 0-150 Hz ( 1 Hz step )
  • Sweep modulation : 1/1 sec, 1/5/1/5 sec. 6/6/ sec
  • Therapy modes- Four pole interferential,Four pole vector 90 degree, Four pole vector 45 degree, Two pole pre-moulded
  • Output current 0-100 mA
  • Timer 0-60 min

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 10.5 cm
Mains voltage

90-270V/50 or 60 Hz

Safety CLASS

1, type BF according to IEC60601-1


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