Microwave Diathemy(Micro 5)

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Microwave diathermy is irradiation of tissues in the shorter wavelength (between infra red and SWD), The important difference with SWD being that patient does not form part of the circuit. The penetration lies in between infra red and SWD. The New developments does not necessitates a change of radiator for different treatment surfaces

Microwave though highly efficacious is also one of the most dangerous modalities, this model has a large number of safety measures:
No need to change radiators
Just select the target area
Pulsed and continuos operations
Microwave ( 2450MHz ) system,


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Transmitting electromagnetic energy in continuous or pulsed mode with up to 250 W (continuous mode) with three-field (selectable) emission patented radiator head on an articulating arm.

Micro Wave therapy device         : Micro 5

Wavelength / Frequency              : 2.450 MHz

Power / Continuous mode           : 250 Watt

Power / Pulsed mode                    : Normal Power: 125 Watt

Low Power                                       : 50 Watt

Pulsed Mode                                   : 0,5 Hz / 1 Hz

Radiator Head                                : Patented VARIO, 3 different fields in one radiator

Arm                                                   : Articulated one

Application Method                       : Manual (no automatic mode)

Additional information

Weight 38.5 kg
Dimensions 42 × 33 × 72 cm
Power Consumption

900 VA

Warranty (EC)

2 years

Power Connection

230 V / 50 Hz

Certification / Approval

CE, ISO 13485


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