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Microwave is a very short wavelength radio waves, it includes the wavelength range usually refers to the frequency 300MHz ~ 300GHz (or wavelengths in the 1m-1mm) between the electromagnetic waves. Microwave multifunction therapeutic apparatus, is the use of poly-thermal effects of microwave exposure to the human lesions, where water molecules with the microwave field and the vibration of fever, to accelerate blood circulation and tissue metabolism, promote blood and nerve function recovery. In particular, inhibiting bacterial

growth, inflammation, swelling has remarkable curative effect. A wide range of its applications, efficacy significantly, many domestic and foreign medical institutions have been adopted for the treatment of some diseases have achieved satisfactory results.

WB-3100-type microwave apparatus using microwave frequency is 2450MHZ, its role in the human body on the depth of 3 ~ 5cm, on the local effects of a certain time, the temperature at 5cm depth can be increased to about 40 , its thermal effects penetrate strong, with high efficiency, which is infrared, short, and ultrashort-induced heat of unmatched, and its penetration through the fat layer to the muscle layer, so the use of microwave energy could be blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, for a variety of inflammatory significant effect.

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The microwave apparatus small size, light weight, easy to operate. By changing different probes (radiator), treat different diseases; power and time of use of digital control, LED display, timing and accurate and has an audible alert function, to bring convenience to the operation of medical staff.

Microwave apparatus main technical parameters and features:

1. Using digital control panel display;

2. Imported Panasonic magnetron;

3. The power to adapt to the scope of: AC: Voltage 220V ± 10% Frequency: 50Hz ± 5%

4. Output power: physiotherapy 0-60W, treatment of 0-100W;

5. Time Control: treatment :0-99 seconds to 1 second step;

When physical therapy :0-99 points, with a sub-step;

Adjustable within the framework of the above; and both have the alarm audible alert;

6. Microwave Frequency: 2450MHz ± 50 MHz;

7. Ambient temperature: 5 -40

8. Total Power: 250W;

9. VSWR: ≤ 3;

10. Shell leakage: ≤ 2mw/cm ²;

11. Unwanted radiation: ≤ 2mw/cm ²;

12. With the misuse, overload, temperature protection, ensure safety;

13. Switch control: from micro-computer control, with manual and pedal two kinds of control modes.

Microwave Multifunction Therapeutic Apparatus scope of application:

ENT, obstetrics and gynecology, dentistry, Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Surgery, Urology, Anorectal, physiotherapy units

Anorectal: Hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids, anal polyps, anal fissure and so on.

Obstetrics and Gynecology: vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, annex inflammation. Cervical erosion, vulvitis, dysfunctional uterine bleeding and so on.

ENT: nasal polyps. Turbinate hypertrophy, nasal bleeding. Rhinitis, otitis media, laryngitis, tonsil hypertrophy, chronic pharyngitis.

Oral: cheilitis, glossitis. Bleeding gums, flat ringworm, tongue polyps.

Dermatology: hemangioma, flat wart mole, genital warts and ulcers dermatitis, skin consultation, frostbite and so on.

Gastroenterology: Gastric polyps, bleeding, esophageal stricture, expansion, low rectal polyps, ulcers and so on.

Physiotherapy Section: prostate, arthritis, frozen shoulder, twisted contusion, cholecystitis, mastitis, rheumatism, postoperative wound healing


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