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BIOTECH Longwave Diathermy

Original price was: Rs.60,000.00.Current price is: Rs.38,000.00.

BIOTECH Longwave Diathermy is computerised user friendly product . Longwave Diathermy treatment based on the capacitor field method. It can work in heavy voltage fluctuation. Longwave can use as a alternative for Shortwave Diathermy Applications. It is portable and light weight.

Model : BIOTECH Longwave Diathermy
Operation Mode : Electrical
Usage : Clinical, Hospital, Personal


Combination Therapy Unit

Original price was: Rs.450,000.00.Current price is: Rs.380,000.00.

Soleo Sono Stim electrotherapy and ultrasonic therapy unit.
Soleo Line SonoStim combination therapy unit manufactured by our principals M/S Zimmer Electromedizin GmbH, Germany


Combination therapy Unit

Original price was: Rs.85,000.00.Current price is: Rs.65,000.00.

We are Leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Dealer & Exporter Of  HEALER COMBO  Interferential and Ultrasound Therapy Unit. We offer Inferential & Ultrasound combination Therapy Unit. HEALER COMBO  is a combination of interferential, Russian, TENS, Muscle Stimulator and Ultrasound Therapy Unit. It is designed to use IFT & USD separately or combined both. It is very effective in sports medicine. It meets International Standards and Specifications.

Operation Mode : Electrical
Usage : Clinical, Hospital, Personal


Compact Muscle Stimulator

Original price was: Rs.4,800.00.Current price is: Rs.3,600.00.

We are reputed manufacturers and exporters of DIGISTIM Muscle Stimulator Unit from India. This Muscle Stimulator machine is compact in design and light weight. Compact Muscle Stimulator DIGISTIM – EMS can be operated through mains or battery. Muscle Stimulator Unit is provided with the 3 modes i.e. IG, F and SF. These 3 modes can be varied by the single control.

Operation Mode : Electrical
Usage : Clinical, Hospital, Personal


Compression Therapy Unit

Original price was: Rs.40,000.00.Current price is: Rs.32,000.00.

DVT can occur some serious problem when trombophlebitis (scales) stay at anywhere of body after surgery operation. Doctor Life is used for the prevention and cure of DVT after surgeries by accelerating the blood circulation to remove the scales in blood.



Original price was: Rs.25,000.00.Current price is: Rs.16,000.00.


  • Therapy types: Continuous and intermittent
  • Traction force : 3 – 45 Kgs (90 Kg with doubler)
  • Hold time: 20, 40, 60, 80 seconds
  • Rest time: 1, 5, 10, 20 seconds
  • Timer: 0 – 99 min.At the end of treatment time Acoustic signal and automatic reduction of  trcation force ,
  • Mains Voltage : 220V / 50 Hz
  • Safety class : Class I, Type BF (IEC 60601-1)
  • Dimensions – L x B x H – 28 x 31 x 28 cms
  • Weight – 11 Kgs

Electrotherapy Unit

Original price was: Rs.60,000.00.Current price is: Rs.40,000.00.

MULTI STIM 4  (Computerised Electrotherapy unit)
UNISTIM is an advanced electrotherapy equipment in the field of electrotherapy. More than 12 different current
 offers a choice of 12 current types
Four-pole interferential therapy with or without vector scan
Bipolar interferential therapy
TENS continuous current
TENS Burst current
Rectangular pulsed current A Triangular pulsed current
Ultra Reiz current
Galvanic direct current
DF – Diphase Fixe
MF – Monophase Fixe
CP – Module en courtes Periodes
LP – Module en Longues Periodes


Four Channel TENS

Original price was: Rs.24,000.00.Current price is: Rs.11,500.00.

We are Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Four Channel TENS. Digitens  is and advanced micro controller based four channel tens from OPTON R & D. Unique design with manual and  pre programs. Used for both fitness and therapeutic purpose. Soft touch keys for selection of programs.  Indigenous design with international standard.

Operation Mode : Electrical
Usage : Clinical, Hospital, Personal


INDOTRAC – Electronic Traction Unit

Original price was: Rs.32,000.00.Current price is: Rs.22,000.00.

We are the manufacturers and exporters of (COMPTRAC) Electronic Traction Unit from India. This is unconventional technical equipment from the BIOTECH. This Traction Unit is digitalized and accurate. Electronic Traction Unit is featured with microcontroller based treatment timer and has soft keys for rest/hold time. Electronic Traction Unit is provided with 5-0 kg Traction force. These Electronic Traction Units are available at competitive prices.

Operation Mode : Electrical
Usage : Clinical, Hospital, Personal


Interferential Combo Therapy Unit

Original price was: Rs.30,000.00.Current price is: Rs.15,000.00.

We offer Interferential Electrotherapy Unit – Unistim which is manufactured using cutting edge technology as per international standards. These interferential stimulator and interferential current therapy are known amidst our clients for their flawless quality and superior performance.

Available with Rechargeable battery (optional)
65 pr program condition

Operation Mode : Electrical
Usage : Clinical, Hospital, Personal


Lumber & Cervical digital Traction Unit

Original price was: Rs.85,000.00.Current price is: Rs.60,000.00.

We offer extensive range of Digital Traction Units that are designed and manufactured according to international standards. D TRAC  Digital Traction Units are highly accurate and consistent in output. Digital Traction Unit is outfitted with soft touch keys, large LED display and in-built micro-controller. These Digital Traction Units are exported to various countries at competitive prices.

Model : D  TRAC
Operation Mode : Electrical
Usage : Clinical, Hospital, Personal

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Microwave Diathermy Unit

Original price was: Rs.350,000.00.Current price is: Rs.260,000.00.

Microwave is a very short wavelength radio waves, it includes the wavelength range usually refers to the frequency 300MHz ~ 300GHz (or wavelengths in the 1m-1mm) between the electromagnetic waves. Microwave multifunction therapeutic apparatus, is the use of poly-thermal effects of microwave exposure to the human lesions, where water molecules with the microwave field and the vibration of fever, to accelerate blood circulation and tissue metabolism, promote blood and nerve function recovery. In particular, inhibiting bacterial

growth, inflammation, swelling has remarkable curative effect. A wide range of its applications, efficacy significantly, many domestic and foreign medical institutions have been adopted for the treatment of some diseases have achieved satisfactory results.

WB-3100-type microwave apparatus using microwave frequency is 2450MHZ, its role in the human body on the depth of 3 ~ 5cm, on the local effects of a certain time, the temperature at 5cm depth can be increased to about 40 , its thermal effects penetrate strong, with high efficiency, which is infrared, short, and ultrashort-induced heat of unmatched, and its penetration through the fat layer to the muscle layer, so the use of microwave energy could be blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, for a variety of inflammatory significant effect.



Original price was: Rs.11,000.00.Current price is: Rs.7,500.00.

DIGISTIM is a computerised dual channel stimulator with MST, TENS , DIGISTIM  presents a Special future in which both the channels can be set with two independent programs  at the same time and treat two patient simultaneously. Soft touch membrane keys are provided to select the modes and parameters. The Digital Display Indicates the output current in mA and In IG mode Rectangular / Triangular pulses can be set.





Original price was: Rs.14,500.00.Current price is: Rs.8,500.00.

OPTON DIGITAL M.S.   is a computerised  stimulator with  GALVANIC AND FARADIC CURRENTS  presents a Special feature in which single channel can be set with two independent pads or with pan electrode to treat  patient simultaneously. Soft touch membrane keys are provided to select the modes and parameters. The Digital Display Indicates the output current in mA and In IG mode Rectangular / Triangular pulses can be set.



Original price was: Rs.340,000.00.Current price is: Rs.280,000.00.

30 Programs: 23 Health&Rehab – 7 Beauty&Fitness
Physiolaser 1000 accelerates the inflamed tissue recovery,

regenerates cells and improves microcirculation.

Physiolaser 1000is especially effective in all the situations

where the muscle/articular tissue is inflamed.

Physiolaser 1000 reduces the pathology duration and the relative pain.

Physiolaser 1000accelerates the healing and the pain elimination both

used alone and together with other therapeutic modalities.

It allows in this way to reduce the use of analgesics and anti-inflammatories.

Physiolaser 1000 enhances the natural healing body process without pain.
Programmable: in multi-spot mode and scansion mode
The main therapeutic effects are:
• Anti-inflammatory effect
• Anti-edemigenous effect
• Biostimulating effect
• Analgesic effect


Pneumatic Compression Therapy

Original price was: Rs.55,000.00.Current price is: Rs.42,000.00.

General Information:

All human body is supplied by peripheral circulationof blood and lymph. Compression system helps patients recovered from their disease by improving blood and lymph circulation and metabolism.

Compression  system consists of air chambers and an air pump offering air compression massage to legs, arms or waist.

Power Q1000 is a high class professional model.
Every chamber can have a different pressure or can work only with 1 selected chamber. Graphic LED display. Inflation pressure and  time control by two separate keys.



Original price was: Rs.34,000.00.Current price is: Rs.28,500.00.

These Units are widely used in various clinics and hospitals. SWD 500W is a heavy duty shortwave diathermy equipment which is highly acclaimed and demanded. We manufacter our products in accordance with national and international quality standards. Our products are of optimum quality and hence they are highly durable and long lasting. Our commitment in providing high quality products to our clients has earned us a vast clientele.

Application Areas

  • Rapid Reduction of wounds
  • Rapid re absorption of haematomas and oedemas
  • Powerful Stimulation of the Peripheral Circulation
  • Post-Traumatic and post operative disorders such as arthropathy, confusion, distortion,haematom.
  • Other Disorders such as ankylopoietic ,Spondylosis , Bursitis, coccygodinia, myalagia(acute) and chronic sinusitis.


  • General frequency 27.12 MHz
  • Output Power 500 W
  • Timer digital timer 0-99 min. with acoustic signal and automatic cut-off.


Original price was: Rs.4,800.00.Current price is: Rs.3,600.00.

We are Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of TENS Unit Digitens. Digitens is an advanced hand held Dual channel Pocket model TENS in the field of Electrotherapy.The Micro controller based circuitry has six preprogram output modes that can be selected by a soft touch key. It has 15 mins built Timer and will operate by battery/ Mains.

Operation Mode : Electrical
Usage : Clinical, Hospital, Personal


Ultrasound Therapy 1 & 3 MHz

Original price was: Rs.38,000.00.Current price is: Rs.28,000.00.

We offer Digital ultrasound therapy Equipment which is most modern in design and easy to handle. It has the feature of acoustic sensor for skin contact and indicator for skin and transducer contact. Easy selection of continuous and 4 pulsed modes. Soft touch keys for all functions. BRIO DYNAMIC U.S  designed indegeneouly with international standards. The Digital Ultrasound Therapy comes with1 &  3MHz output.

Operation Mode : Electrical
Usage : Clinical, Hospital, Personal


Ultrasound Therapy Equipment 1 MHz

Original price was: Rs.14,500.00.Current price is: Rs.7,000.00.

INDOSONIC Ultrasound Device is used for healing purposes. This Ultrasound Device is featured with advanced options that allow the user to access device easily. Ultrasound Device is available in two modes continuous and pulsed .

Model : OPTON U.S. 1MHZ
Operation Mode : Electrical
Usage : Clinical, Hospital, Personal


Vacuum Therapy Unit

Original price was: Rs.42,000.00.Current price is: Rs.34,000.00.

We are Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter Of Vacuum Therapy Machine. Digivac is an advanced computerized vacuum therapy unit with continuous and pulsed outputs. Can be integrated with unistim, digimed, sonomed and indomed series.

Operation Mode : Electrical
Usage : Clinical, Hospital, Personal