Combination Therapy Unit

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Soleo Sono Stim electrotherapy and ultrasonic therapy unit.
Soleo Line SonoStim combination therapy unit manufactured by our principals M/S Zimmer Electromedizin GmbH, Germany

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Dual channel Complete Low and Medium frequency electrotherapy, with ultrasound and combination therapy.
Independent channels for synchronous treatment
0.8 MHz & 2.4 MHz multi frequency ultrasonic therapy unit
Current forms include: Galvanic, Russian stimulation Low frequency and medium frequency Interferential Therapy.
Small & large water resistant transducer head with audio & visual contact indicator.
Disease wise program and manual program.

Colour touch screen monitor for better control.

Online help for various common diseases.

Extensive help on screen including proposed intensity and electrode placement.
Screen also shows the effect of the particular current form for e.g. Analgesia, Hyperemia, Relaxation, and Strengthening.

Large Colour touch screen

· standard programmes & programmable memory
· Independent channels for synchronous treatment.
· 1 GB SD card for free memory and favourites entry.


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