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Combination Therapy Unit

Rs.450,000.00 Rs.380,000.00

Soleo Sono Stim electrotherapy and ultrasonic therapy unit.
Soleo Line SonoStim combination therapy unit manufactured by our principals M/S Zimmer Electromedizin GmbH, Germany


Combo Electrotherapy

Rs.650,000.00 Rs.520,000.00

PhySys Therapy

with trolley unit

manufactured by our principals

M/S Zimmer Electromedizin GmbH, Germany

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Rs.750,000.00 Rs.620,000.00

CRYO Therapy unit

Rs.750,000.00 Rs.620,000.00

Microwave Diathemy(Micro 5)

Rs.650,000.00 Rs.540,000.00

Microwave diathermy is irradiation of tissues in the shorter wavelength (between infra red and SWD), The important difference with SWD being that patient does not form part of the circuit. The penetration lies in between infra red and SWD. The New developments does not necessitates a change of radiator for different treatment surfaces

Microwave though highly efficacious is also one of the most dangerous modalities, this model has a large number of safety measures:
No need to change radiators
Just select the target area
Pulsed and continuos operations
Microwave ( 2450MHz ) system,


Opton Pro HI-Power Laser

Rs.1,540,000.00 Rs.1,400,000.00

2 wavelengths in one device

The 980 nm wavelength has a lower tissue-penetration capacity, is absorbed near the surface and has an analgesic effect via a reflex pathway.

The 810 nm wavelength has a far greater tissue-penetration capacity and has a biostimulant effect, resulting in an acceleration of cellular activity.