Leg Massager

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Have you ever wanted to return from work and just relax while having a full calves/foot massage? Even once a week?  Well, YOU CAN HAVE IT DAILY!!!, 24 hrs. a day, while doing what ever fits better to you at that time.
This massager uses the newest technology designed specially to massage and relax your feet, ankles and calves.
This light, portable, convenient designed massager can be taken wherever you want, and use it at any time you wish.

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This luxury calves and foot massager is fitted up with strong kneading discs that penetrates those tired areas provocated after those long working days.
These invigorating discs penetrates squeezing deeply into the muscles, improving circulation, releiving tension and energizing those tired muscles of your calves and foot.
It also comes with several pressure nodes located down under the soles of your feet, which stimulate those vital pressure points in this area.

–  You can use any of the 3 kneading massage programs and 3 vibration modes at your will just pressing a button.
–  Conveniently designed with a pair of detachable fabric foot covers, each with its own zipper for quick and easy cleaning.
–  4 different position to use it.
–  15 minutes auto shut-off feature.


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