Thrive Massager


Thrive Massager  is imported from japan. This massager combines a vertical motion with an irregular rotary motion which raises massaging effects. Designed as per the industry standards and specifications, the heat massage provided by it is highly effective in relieving stress. its very reliable and maintenance free product .

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Features :

  • Powerful
  • Irregular vibration
  • Heated massage
  • Absolute safety

Thrive, vibrating Massager MD02

This is very powerful massager

THRIVE  massage instrument  MD02

It is a vibrating Massager basic type.


–   promote the recovery from fatigue.
–   improves blood circulation.
–   take the tired muscles.
–   ease nerve pain and muscle pain.

When the vibration Massager, I was tired, and is suitable for muscles lightly after the sport.

Thrive, vibrating Massager MD02 massage machine
Body dimensions Width 28 x depth 11.4 x 20.5 cm
Body weight 2.0 kg
Power consumption 15 W


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