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Electrotherapy Unit

Original price was: Rs.60,000.00.Current price is: Rs.40,000.00.

MULTI STIM 4  (Computerised Electrotherapy unit)
UNISTIM is an advanced electrotherapy equipment in the field of electrotherapy. More than 12 different current
 offers a choice of 12 current types
Four-pole interferential therapy with or without vector scan
Bipolar interferential therapy
TENS continuous current
TENS Burst current
Rectangular pulsed current A Triangular pulsed current
Ultra Reiz current
Galvanic direct current
DF – Diphase Fixe
MF – Monophase Fixe
CP – Module en courtes Periodes
LP – Module en Longues Periodes


Interferential Combo Therapy Unit

Original price was: Rs.30,000.00.Current price is: Rs.15,000.00.

We offer Interferential Electrotherapy Unit – Unistim which is manufactured using cutting edge technology as per international standards. These interferential stimulator and interferential current therapy are known amidst our clients for their flawless quality and superior performance.

Available with Rechargeable battery (optional)
65 pr program condition

Operation Mode : Electrical
Usage : Clinical, Hospital, Personal