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Postural Drainage Table

Rs.55,000.00 Rs.42,000.00

Postural Drainage Table

Rs.55,000.00 Rs.40,000.00

Postural Drainage Table 02

Rs.55,000.00 Rs.38,000.00

Hi low Postural Drainage table with 4 section and tilting function of three section

breathing space and both hand rest are given in head section part .

Length  78 inch , width 24 inch , height 20 inch to 40 inch adjustable

Breathing space  section can tilt upto 30 degree up and 45 degree downside

Middle both section can tilt upto 30 degree up and can be drop downside

immediately by side handle particularly .

both side  handrest also given on middle section and adjustable to any position .

foot section also can be adjust in length .

overall height is adjustable electrically operated on actuator ,

operated by hand remote and foot switch ( both)