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Rs.28,000.00 Rs.16,500.00

The EM-3000 PERONEAL STIMULATOR is a battery operated pulse generator that sends electrical impulses through electrodes to reach the underlying nerves or muscle group. It is intended for peroneal nerve stimulation in order to activate the dorsiflexors of the foot. The unit features automatic adjustment of stimulation duration and delay which enables it to match different walking speeds. The heel/toe sensor allows it to sense whether the user is standing still or moving at different speeds. It is easy to set up and has several unique parameter settings. Stimulation can be delayed both at onset and end of stimulation meaning that it can be adjusted to patient requirements.

In order to clear the ground during the swing- through phase the foot has to be dorsiflexed. Patients with a drop-foot have lost this ability which is where the EM-3000 PERONEAL STIMULATOR can help compensate.A switch under the heel of the affected leg signals the EM-3000 when to commence stimulation and the duration. The foot is dorsiflexed for the appropriate time, irrespective of the walking speed. The device is provided with one controllable output channel on the bottom of unit. The stimulation is controlled by a foot trigger switch which can be placed under the heel of the affected leg or under the forefoot of the unaffected leg. The pattern of stimulation is selectable. The electronics of the EM-3000 PERONEAL STIMULATOR create electrical impulses. Intensity, pulse rate and the method of activation may be altered with the press buttons. The status of stimulation is shown on the liquid crystal display.



Rs.25,500.00 Rs.14,500.00

• Five Modalities for Pain Relief, Muscle Training, Facial Palsy & Incontinence Treatment In one Unit
• Large Backlit LCD
• Full Digital Press Buttons Control
• Treatment Time Countdown
• Adjustable Beep Sound
• Lock Facility
• Quick Selection of Modalities and Modes
• Patient Compliance Meter
• Precise Intensity Control in 60 or 99 steps
• 15 Adjustable Modes and 42 Preset Programs