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Original price was: Rs.34,000.00.Current price is: Rs.28,500.00.

These Units are widely used in various clinics and hospitals. SWD 500W is a heavy duty shortwave diathermy equipment which is highly acclaimed and demanded. We manufacter our products in accordance with national and international quality standards. Our products are of optimum quality and hence they are highly durable and long lasting. Our commitment in providing high quality products to our clients has earned us a vast clientele.

Application Areas

  • Rapid Reduction of wounds
  • Rapid re absorption of haematomas and oedemas
  • Powerful Stimulation of the Peripheral Circulation
  • Post-Traumatic and post operative disorders such as arthropathy, confusion, distortion,haematom.
  • Other Disorders such as ankylopoietic ,Spondylosis , Bursitis, coccygodinia, myalagia(acute) and chronic sinusitis.


  • General frequency 27.12 MHz
  • Output Power 500 W
  • Timer digital timer 0-99 min. with acoustic signal and automatic cut-off.