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4 section manipulation table

Rs.80,000.00 Rs.55,000.00

Examination couch ( hi low)

Rs.48,000.00 Rs.34,000.00


stylistic design with exceptional  quality and durability

Easy to move to the user’s height  by  electric style
Adopted Non- Noise motor ,  Both end tilting function

A breathing hole and a cushioned face plug for comfort

The 3 section couch height is adjustable from  mini 20 inch to 42 inch  max

Cushions feature 2 inch foam with a choice of  attractive  colors

Made by heavy duty steel frame with 250 kg weight capacity ,

Specially constructed for heavy manipulation

Standard design , Easy to operate

SIZE W75 cm  x L180 CM  x  H50 cm to 105 cm
ANGLE Head +45”, -90”, Leg +90”

hi low 3 section physio bed

Rs.45,000.00 Rs.34,000.00

The three-section  electric hi low physical therapy couch  offer  innovative design and comfort.. both end are operate manually  or  electrically ( optional ) . One  end  can be tilting in any position within 90 degree upside , Head end with breathing hole can be tilt upside  upto 45 degree and downside upto 90 degree .  Couch height can be adjust from  20 inch to 42 inch operated by electrically hand piece  with noise free operation . Reducing pressure over the sensitive sinus area, and increasing the positioning comfort is very strong point . Power . Flexible and durable sections  adjust  effortlessly . Powder Coated and high density foam seat with high quality rexine covered


Hi-Lo Physical Therapy Couches

Rs.180,000.00 Rs.120,000.00

OPTON MEDICAL   3 Section hi-low  Treatment  Table

The Opton Medical System  range of variable height manipulation tables are   ruggedly constructed. The frames are made from  high quality   square section (as opposed to weaker “C” section) steel tubing for maximum rigidity, and stability. The frames are finished in an attractive  powder coat enamel, which is simple to clean.


Hi-Low Examination Couch

Rs.70,000.00 Rs.48,000.00

Physical Therapy Couch ( 3 section )

Rs.65,000.00 Rs.45,000.00


Rs.55,000.00 Rs.40,000.00


Rs.55,000.00 Rs.38,000.00